With both my violin playing and my teaching, my main interest was always a natural way of dealing with oneself and consequently with the instrument. Through my three year training with Dan Armon as a teacher of the Alexander technique according to the principles of the ATVD (Alexander technique association Germany) I had the opportunity to build a basis from which to approach this.

I studied violin at the music academies in Saarbrücken (Prof. Ulrike Dierick), Würzburg (Prof. Conrad von der Goltz) and Frankfurt am Main (Prof. Walter Forchert) and was able to gather many years of experience as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestra musician (with the Bamberg Symphonic Orchestra and the Orquestra Nacional in Portugal amongst others) and also as violin teacher.

Additionally, after a training course as editor, I worked as Promotion-Manager for Universal Classics.

During my first visit to the „Schule für Alexander-Technik Berlin“ (School for Alexander Technique Berlin) I was invited by the teacher’s hands to allow length and width. My back opened up in all directions, my spine unfolded itself in a way new for me. Then I was to sit down on the stool. But the moment I thought about sitting down, I had knotted myself up again through the “stool stimulus”.

I encountered countless patterns on various levels for the first time, the teacher’s hands acting like a mirror.

In this moment I experienced how Alexander Technique allowed me access to my conditioning, way beyond the level of my violin playing. I continue to remain fascinated with the possibility of discovering new levels in myself through the Alexander Technique. And at the same time I don’t have the feeling of gaining a new ability, but rather I perceive that our natural flow is present as long as we allow it. I learn to allow.

„To be free from false identitiy and the hypnosis of conditioning is the biggest smile and joy you are going to feel in your life.“